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Focuses On the Future
Coaching is different from mentoring, consulting or counseling.  Coaching deals with the present in order to obtain future benefit.  Counseling usually focuses on past and present problems.

Draws Out Rather Than Pouring In
Coaching draws ideas and decisions out of the client while mentors and consultants pour knowledge into the client.

Prompts Discovery
Coaching believes the client knows what to do but must discover those ideas deep inside.  Mentoring and consulting assume the position of expert or teacher.

Asks Rather Than Tells
Coaching guides by skillfully asking questions.  Mentors and consultants tell people what to do.

Client Receives the Credit for Success
When the coached client discovers and successfully applies his/her own ideas, the client feels very good and receives the credit.  When a student successfully applies what a mentor or consultant tells him/her, the mentor/consultant is given the credit for being the expert.

Applies More Knowledge
Coached clients apply about 90% of what they discover.  People who are taught by others apply about 10-20% of what they learn.

The coach assists the client in creating an accountability system to ensure their action plan is implemented.  Mentors and consultants usually provide information only.  


The coaching relationship is agreed upon prior to the beginning of the coaching sessions.  Details of the coaching covenant are available upon request.
The sessions are by telephone for 30-60 minutes per session.  The client chooses either once or twice-a-month calls.  Call appointments are scheduled 4 months in advance.  Conversations are confidential unless there are extenuating circumstances which are agreed upon in advance.


Unsure about coaching?  You can request a free 30-minute coaching session to experience one first-hand.  If interested contact us.