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“Every pastor can benefit from having a trained and knowledgeable coach. Having been a pastor's pastor for many years, Arden knows the joys and challenges of pastoral ministry.  As a coach Arden is skilled in helping pastors achieve their full potential.  Arden is incredibly insightful and intuitive. As Arden listens to the Holy Spirit, his ability to help individuals unravel the sometimes tangled threads of life and ministry is truly God-given.”

            John Palmer 

“Arden Adamson brought clarity and confidence to our coaching network through his coaching skills workshop conducted here in Alabama.”

            Ken Draughon, District Missions Director 

"I have had the privilege of working with Arden Adamson in a coaching environment.  My experience with him resulted in clarity of focus for an important area of my life.  He skillfully led me into the discovery of solutions for the challenges I was facing in my professional development, and guided me in creating practical action steps in a timely, non-threatening relational environment. 

Arden is the real thing!  Compassionate, perceptive and above all, helps you create the results you need".

            Larry Baty, Premier Coaching Partnership, Seattle

“Arden Adamson has a passion for coaching.  He has contributed significantly to the development and practice of coaching with Christian leaders and Church leaders. Anticipate transformational advancement as he employs his coaching expertise with you.”   
  Dr. Wayne Lee, Church Life Resources

“I have observed first hand the impact Arden’s coaching has had on the ministers of our district.  The time they spend together in a coaching relationship is helping them grow as leaders and keeps them focused on those things that will make a difference in their lives and in their churches.  It is amazing the insights that can be drawn out of a person through the skillful use of questions.”

            Ron Held, District Secretary

“As a coach, Arden has been a great help to me. He listened well and really helped me discover solid answers and clear direction in a tough situation.”

            Terry Yancey, Kansas District Superintendent

“Arden’s coaching in my life has been invaluable.  Not only did he personally care, he was very professional in his coaching.  By my own personal experience, Arden is both knowledgeable and demonstrates great skill as a coach and anyone would be very fortunate to have him as a coach.”

            Kim Robinette

     Assistant to the Superintendent
     Director of Church Planting & Church Development
     Tennessee Assemblies of God

’s coach training sessions are thorough, practical and motivating.  He is an outstanding teacher!  By applying what he teaches I am developing effective coaching skills. My participation in the coaching process he instituted as our district superintendent is enabling me to make the changes that are moving our church to the next level."

            Richard York, Pastor

"I have been coached by Arden Adamson and found him to be focused, friendly yet firm, and passionate about making my life better in every dimension. I recommend Arden to you if you want to grow as a Christian leader!"

            Larry Mederich, Church Planter

"Through times of intentional coaching with Arden Adamson, I have processed through crucial spiritual and ministry development.  The prayer support, encouragement and accountability have helped to keep me on the task of pursuing God's call in my life."
            Todd Forrest, Pastor


"Thanks again for the time and energy you are investing into me.  It is making such a good impact on my life and ministry.  Have a great day!"

             Dan Herod, Youth Pastor


"I want to share something with you that has helped me a lot recently.  Three years ago I started a coaching relationship with a well-known coaching ministry, and they walked alongside me for two years.  It was very helpful.  But then last year I switched over to one of our A/G guys, Arden Adamson.  Arden has many years of pastoral and district experience, making him eminently qualified as a coach.  I have enjoyed his approach so much.  One thing I really like is that he understands the A/G pathos so much better, and his approch and demeanor are refreshing.  Dollar for dollar, I feel way ahead of the game using Arden's services."

           Ron Bontrager, Pastor


"I have discovered a great pastoral coach in Arden Adamson.  He has helped me to look at issues critical to the health and growth of the church in new ways.  In addition, he has helped "draw out" of me new ideas for ministry as well as creative solutions to problems.  I'm a better leader because of our relationship."

           Steve Adamson, Pastor


"Arden Adamson brings many years of experience as a pastor as well as a leader on the district level.  He has received extensive training in coaching.  He has helped both pastors and church leaders grow in their leadership skills".

           Larry Liebe, District Superintendent